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coverBuddy, the Maltese pup, has no idea what adventures await him when his family – Lydia, Celeste, Angel, and Tim – take him on a drive from the mountains of Tennessee to their vacation destination: Destin, Florida. The fun starts even before they get to the beautiful Gulf Coast city by the sea. On the way, Buddy stops at a drive thru for the first time—and he likes it!

Buddy and his family can’t believe what they see! It looks like the city is floating, and people seem to be having a great time boating. As they cross the bridge, they see a pretty light house and a water slide.

When Buddy arrives at the Beachside Inn he sees lots of other dogs. He even makes a friend! The people are walking to the beach with their surfboards and beach balls.

Buddy’s family goes out for a day of adventure. Buddy is truly happy when they return to the Inn and take him for a walk in the moonlight.

The next night, Buddy is in for an even greater thrill when bright fireworks burst in the sky to celebrate the Fourth of July.